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Hi again,

An idea has come to mind which may allow rough estimates for some of these
figures. Instrumentation could be used as a hook to register phantom
references of all newly allocated objects with a reference queue. Verbose GC
logs could also be captured and parsed, and the GC timestamps could be fuzzy
matched with the reference enqueue timestamps. Which GC run claimed which
object could(?) then be roughly inferred.

Obviously this is far from ideal on many fronts and I'm not sure it would
produce good results.

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 12:02 PM, Brian Harris
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> Hello,
> Is it possible for my app to learn where objects are allocated? Young or
> old generation, if young which survivor space? In a LAB? I'm interested in
> where an object was initially allocated, but also any movements (from
> where?, to where?, when?) that happen thereafter.
> These use cases illustrate what I had in mind:
>   * JUnit test asserting >90% of allocations of type com.mycompany.Entity
> are done in TLAB
>   * Benchmark tool showing the effect that various JVM tuning parameters
> have on memory management. Displayed as graphs, timelines, etc.
> I looked through the 1.6 JVMTI demos and didn't see these sort of details
> being exposed. Also nothing similar looking through BTrace examples. Where
> should I look next?.
> Happy holidays,
> Brian Harris
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