request for review (M), 6458402: 3 jvmti tests fail with CMS and +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Jan 6 14:42:48 UTC 2011

Keith McGuigan wrote:
> :
> Actually, we cannot re-visit an object that was re-hashed to a higher 
> slot.   The body of one of those closures asserts out if you pass an 
> oop in it's new location (I think it's expecting to see a fowarding 
> pointer and doesn't see it).  This is why I added the delayed_add list 
> originally.   We could flag these entries as "already-moved" or 
> something like that, and reset the flag as we encounter them instead 
> of passing them to the iterator.   I didn't do that at first because I 
> didn't want to make the entries bigger and use more memory, but maybe 
> I could do some bit tricks in the oop*.  I'd rather not have to resort 
> to that unless the cost of processing the delayed list is an issue.  
> It doesn't appear to be at the moment.
Okay, got it, in that case what you have is fine as you definitively 
don't want to increase the size of the entries as there could be 
millions of them.


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