“abort preclean due to time” in Concurrent Mark & Sweep

Y. S. Ramakrishna y.s.ramakrishna at oracle.com
Tue May 3 17:34:53 UTC 2011

BTW, if this is urgent, please feel free to file an escalation
if you have a support contract. Otherwise, feel free to offer
a patch for review if you have one that you'd like us to
consider for integration.

-- ramki

On 05/03/11 10:28, Y. S. Ramakrishna wrote:
> On 05/03/11 10:17, Y. S. Ramakrishna wrote:
>> Hi LiLi --
>> On 05/03/11 03:31, Li Li wrote:
> ...
>>>      My question is that why the collector so stupid that it don't do
>>> it  like this. If the system is busy, it works like before. Because
>>> it's busy, minor gc will occur and precleaning will success in the
>>> future. If the system is idling, it can adjust the
>>> CMSMaxAbortablePrecleanTime or turning CMSScavengeBeforeRemark  on.
>> Absolutely. There's in fact an open RFE to do just that, but we have 
>> been frying
>> more important fish recently and have not gotten to that RFE. I'll
>> dig up the CR id for you shortly.
> 6990419 CMS: Remaining work for 6572569: consistently skewed work 
> distribution in (long) re-mark pauses

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