Request for review: 6941923: RFE: Handling large log files produced by long running Java Applications

Y. S. Ramakrishna y.s.ramakrishna at
Thu May 5 16:10:55 UTC 2011

Hi Jesper, Yumin --

On 05/05/11 04:02, Jesper Wilhelmsson wrote:
> Yumin, Ramki,
> I don't particularly like the flag name GCLogFileSizeMB. Are there other 
> examples of flags with the MB ending in Hotspot?

You are right, for size there aren't. For time there are
some ending with "Millis", and then there is the "MSPerMB"
exemplifying a case where the units are not immediately obvious.

I think your point is well-taken: after all we do not
have PermSizeMB or NewSizeMB, so why have MB in GCLOgFileSize.
Like in those case, let's rely on the K, M, G suffixes
to reduce keystrokes. So, I withdraw my earlier comment/request.

-- ramki

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