review(XXS): 7043564: compile warning and copyright fixes

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Tue May 10 19:20:20 UTC 2011

Igor Veresov (igor.veresov at wrote:
> Compilation fails on newer GCCs with :
> os_linux.cpp: In static member function $,1rx(Bstatic bool 
> os::Linux::hugetlbfs_sanity_check(bool, size_t)$,1ry(B:
> os_linux.cpp:2853:43: error: use of assignment suppression and length 
> modifier together in gnu_scanf format
> The solution is to remove the length modifier.

That looks fine.

> Also, copyrights needed to be fixed in a couple of files.

IMHO, better to do those separately; they're unrelated to the build


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