CRR (Small-ish): 7088680: G1: Cleanup in the G1CollectorPolicy class

Tony Printezis tony.printezis at
Tue Oct 4 18:57:10 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'd like to get a couple of code reviews for some cleanup in the 
G1CollectorPolicy class. The changes were motivated by code reviewers' 
comments on a previous CR (thanks John). The webrev for all the changes 
is here:

I have broken the changes down in three different webrevs in case they 
are a little easier to code review this way:

1) Remove unnecessary fields and methods:

2) Remove the G1CollectoryPolicy_BestRegionsFirst class and fold its 
functionality in its superclass, i.e., G1CollectorPolicy. Currently, we 
only have one policy so there's no point in having the separation. And 
the separation was done in a very ad-hoc way anyway. If we want to have 
more than one policy in the future we should really rethink on how it is 
done. Most of the changes were straightforward, the slightly more 
involved one was to combine various 
record_concurrent_mark_cleanup_end*() methods into one and rename some 
of the variables to make sure their names are consistent. I also changed 
protected fields into private, given that protected fields again do not 
make sense any more.

3) Make several methods in G1CollectorPolicy non-virtual as it makes no 
sense for them to be virtual:



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