RFR(M/L): 6484982: G1: process references during evacuation pauses

Tony Printezis tony.printezis at oracle.com
Tue Sep 13 15:03:28 UTC 2011

PS I would add a note in the changeset Summary to say that the change 
includes a small cleanup in such and such file to have it documented 

>>>> thread.cpp
>>>> - only bracket changes. Don't include in thins change.
>>> I had debugging code in here and so left the 'correctly' formatted 
>>> code after removing the debugging statements. Since I've already 
>>> been thanked for doing this - I would leave it.
>> Sorry for being persistent but we think this is not a good enough 
>> reason to leave it in.
> Bengt, I respectfully disagee. IMHO, it's OK to piggy-back small 
> cleanup like this on a changeset, to keep such cleanup reasonably 
> low-overhead, since it's clearly positive for the codebase. What's the 
> alternative? Open a separate CR for it? This means that we'll have to 
> open the CR, get a separate changeset code reviewed, and push it with 
> a separate JPRT job. This is a fair amount of overhead for 
> reformatting a few brackets and, in all honesty, folks will not be 
> prepared to do that.
> Tony

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