Request for review (XS): 7091366 re-enable quicksort tests

Bengt Rutisson bengt.rutisson at
Mon Sep 26 13:06:30 UTC 2011

Hi all,

This is a small hs23 fix. I hope that we have most of the hs22 work 
behind us, so I thought I'd send this out for review.

One of the tests in the quicksort implementation that I did before the 
summer uses the stdlib::qsort() to verify that my implementation sorts 
the same way that the stdlib does. The tests needs to pass a function 
pointer to stdlib::qsort() and it seems that the older Solaris compilers 
that JDK6 uses requires the function to be declared extern "C" for this 
to work.

John Coomes recently had to make a quick fix to get this to build with 
JDK6 at all. He disabled the tests all together. With my fix now I am 
re-enabling the tests and declaring the call back function extern "C".

I have tested this with jprt and "-relase jdk6". Seems to build fine now.

With the recent discussions about the Hotspot express model, it seems 
like we might not be supplying this code into JDK6 after all, but I 
would still like to get this fixed.

7091366 re-enable quicksort tests

Jesper already looked at the changes, but I need at least one more review.


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