JEP 173: Remove Rarely-Used Combinations of Garbage Collectors

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Hi Ramki,

On 12/5/12 11:35 PM, Srinivas Ramakrishna wrote:
> Not sure if "iCMS" is rarely used.

Good point! And as a matter of fact I got the same comment from Jon 
Masamitsu when I first drafted the JEP. I promised Jon to change the 
title of the JEP. Unfortunately I just changed the title of the wiki 
page that contained the draft - not the field in the JEP template that 
contains the title information.

I've changed the title of the JEP now. I'm not sure you think it is 
better, but it is at least what I had promised Jon. The new title is:

"Remove GC Combinations that are not Used Enough to Warrant Future Support"

> I am thinking there may be "emdebbed" jvm's running in 
> core/power-starved environments
> that might still find it useful. I agree that for desktop and server 
> jvm's iCMS has probably outlived its useful life.

I thought "embedded" were building with a very limited set of GC support 
and explicitly excluding all GCs except the serial collector.

> I agree though that from the standpoint of server environments, less 
> is probably better, given the complexity of maintaining
> the various combinations.
Yes, and there is also the issue of being able to test and verify the 
quality of the combinations. At the moment we have about 9 combinations 
but we only have resources to continuously test  3-4 of them. I feel 
very uncomfortable recommending customers to run untested GC 
combinations in production.

Thanks for the feedback!

> -- ramki
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>     - Mark

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