RFR (XS): 8005108: NPG: Add specialized Metachunk sizes for reflection and anonymous classloaders

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at oracle.com
Tue Dec 18 10:02:54 UTC 2012


Description from the bug:
The implementation of MetaspaceAux::used_in_bytes(), capacity_in_bytes() 
and reserved_in_bytes() changed as part of this changeset:

changeset: 3854:90273fc0a981
user: coleenp
date: Thu Nov 29 16:50:29 2012 -0500
summary: 8000662: NPG: nashorn ant clean test262 out-of-memory with Java 

Before this change it seems like data + classes = total. After this does 
not seem to hold.

This can be verified by running a simple test that does System.gc() with 

Change 3853:

  Metaspace total 3400K, used 2760K, reserved 108544K
   data space 3076K, used 2477K, reserved 6144K
   class space 324K, used 283K, reserved 102400

Change 3854:

  Metaspace total 3400K, used 3400K, reserved 108544K
   data space 3076K, used 2476K, reserved 6144K
   class space 324K, used 283K, reserved 102400K

In this example capacity and reserved add up, but used does not. I have 
seen cases where at least capacity also did not add up.

This patch reverts back to the old implementation. We probably want a 
better way to count these values, but right now we need consistent numbers.


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