Request for review (M): 7178361: G1: Make sure that PrintGC and PrintGCDetails use the same timing for the GC pause

John Cuthbertson john.cuthbertson at
Tue Jul 3 22:07:32 UTC 2012

Hi Bengt,

Finished looking at the rest of the webrev. Replies are inline.....

On 06/29/12 05:37, Bengt Rutisson wrote:
>> Line 102:
>> Rename "start" to something like - note_gc_start(). "start" is too 
>> closely associated with threads IMO. Also should it also take the 
>> start time? That way the "end" routine
>> could take an end time and do any necessary calculations.
> Done.

Thanks again - I can see you even extended the idea to include other 
cachable items from the start of the pause. It also looks good.

>> Line 236:
>> "accumulate_par_times" is a bit misnamed. "collapse_par_times", 
>> "average_par_times" might be better. Also I don't think you should be 
>> calling this directly from with
>> G1CollectedHeap. It would be better to call this from a 
>> G1GCPhaseTimes::note_gc_end() type of routine, which is called by 
>> G1CollectorPolicy::record_collection_pause_end().
> I renamed it to collapse_par_times(), but I still would like to call 
> it directly from G1CollectedHeap. The reason is that 
> record_collection_pause_end() need this to be called, but also the 
> note_gc_end() method. I don't like the note_gc_end() method to depend 
> on a call to record_collection_pause_end().
> The clean solution would be to merge these two methods, but that's not 
> possible without changing the timing for the ergonomics, which is 
> exactly what I am trying to avoid.

OK. I was expecting note_gc_end() to be called by 
record_collection_pause_end() but I see your point  - they are kind of 
inter-dependent.  I'm OK with the current solution. I agree that it's 
good not to change the timer for the ergonomics - it covers the part of 
the GC we can control and make changes to.

>> g1CollectorPolicy.hpp
>> ---------------------
>> Line 65-66:
>> Why did you remove the indentation levels? IMO they are easier to 
>> work with than explicitly listing spaces.
> Two reasons. One technical. I moved LineBuffer (that handled the 
> indentation) into g1GCPhaseTime.cpp and I didn't really want to expose 
> it outside of that module. The other, more design related question, is 
> whether the TraceGen0Time output should really use the same formatting 
> as the PrintGCDetails formatting. As it was it was not doing a good 
> job with the indentations. It was also pretty difficult to read the 
> code and guess how many white spaces would end up where. With the 
> white spaces explicitly in the print statements it got clearer what 
> really happened and I could fix the indentation issues.
> I'm sure we can introduce some indentation abstraction for 
> TraceGen0Time too, but since I didn't really like the way it was and I 
> had to move the LineBuffer I thought it was easiest to revert back to 
> using explicit space characters in the print statements.

I think we'll agree to disagree with this one - but I don't feel that 
strongly so let's go with your current solution.

I'm OK with your replies to the remaining comments.

Based upon the latest patch, however, I think you need the following 


in the G1GCPhaseTimes constructor - otherwise the min, max, and 
cumulative card count times end up invalid:

   [Cur Clear CC: 0.0 ms]
   [Cum Clear CC: 
   [Min Clear CC: 0.0 ms]
   [Max Clear CC: 0.0 ms]

Also, since the previous version of the finest log-level didn't display 
these items, perhaps only display them if Verbose is also enabled? In 
most cases card cache count clearing  will exhibit itself as a higher HC 
Worker Other time for worker 0.

Everything else looks OK.


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