RFR(S): 7041879: G1: introduce stress testing parameter to cause frequent evacuation failures

John Cuthbertson john.cuthbertson at oracle.com
Thu Jul 19 19:17:21 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

Can I have couple of volunteers to review the changes for this CR? The 
webrev can be found at: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~johnc/7041879/webrev.0/

The changes adds mechanism, which is only available in non-product 
builds, for forcing evacuation failures. The mechanism is analogous to 
the PromotionFailureALot functionality in the other collectors. It is 
enabled with the G1EvacuationFailureALot flag and is controlled using 
sub-flags: G1EvacuationFailureALotCount and 
G1EvacuationFailureALotInterval control the frequency and number of 
evacuation failures, and G1EvacuationFailureALotDuringYoungGC, 
G1EvacuationFailureALotDuringInitialMark, and G1EvacuationFailureALot 
control during type of GC we should/can trigger evacuation failures.

An earlier variant of this patch was previously employed to stress test 
Tony's marking changes.

Dacapo/xalan to test the various flags and settings. GC test suite and 
jprt with G1EvacuationFailureALot and heap verification enabled (the 
sub-flags for G1EvacuationFailureALot were left at their default values).



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