Request for review (m) - 7054397

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at
Thu Sep 20 03:40:27 UTC 2012

This change continues the templatization of the CMS freelist for
more general use and uses the freelists for Metaspace chunks
and block (part of the perm removal implementation).

7045397: Add freelists to class loader arenas.

Continue the templatization of the CMS freelist for use with the

Split functionality of FreeList between a simplified
FreeList and AdaptiveFreeList.  AdaptiveFreeList is
specialized for use with CMS.

Replace an interim freelist of humongous chunks with a
freelist dictionary.  A linked list of humongous chunks had
been in use.

Fix some spellings (e.g., totalSize to total_size).

Delete the "splay" option that was never implemented.

Move classes Metablock and Metachunk to metaspace.hpp so they
are available for explicit instantiations of some template classes.

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