RFR(M/L): 7176479: G1: JVM crashes on T5-8 system with 1.5 TB heap

Vitaly Davidovich vitalyd at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 04:49:40 UTC 2013

A few more comments/suggestions:

In g1CardCounts::ptr_2_card_num(), I'd assert that card_ptr >= _ct_bot.
This is mostly to avoid a null card_ptr (or some other bogus value) causing
the subtraction to go negative but then wrap around to a large size_t value
that just happens to fit into the card range.  Unlikely and maybe this is
too paranoid, so up to you.

Also in this class, it's a bit strange that G1CardCounts::is_hot() also
increments the count.  I know the comments in the header say that count is
updated but the name of the method implies it's just a read.  Maybe call
add_card_count() and then add an is_hot(int) method and call that with the
return value of add_card_count?

G1CardCounts::clear_region -- there are some casts of const jbyte to jbyte
at bottom of method.  Perhaps if ptr_2_card_num() were changed to be taking
const jbyte you wouldn't need the casts.  I think marking as much things
const as possible is good in general anyway ...

In the various places where values are asserted to be in some range, it may
be useful to add the valid range to the error message so that if it
triggers you get a bit more context/diagnostic info.


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