Request for review: JDK-8009561 NPG: Metaspace fragmentation when retiring a Metachunk

Mikael Gerdin mikael.gerdin at
Wed Jun 5 14:04:38 UTC 2013


Can I have some reviews of this small fix to the Metaspace memory 
allocation path.

When a Metaspace allocation request cannot be satisfied by the current 
chunk the chunk is retired and a new chunk is requested. This causes 
whatever is left in the chunk to be effectively leaked.

Suggested fix:
Put the remaining memory in each chunk on the Metablock freelist so it 
can be used to satisfy future allocations.

Possible addition:
When allocating from the block free list, use 
FreeBlockDictionary<Metablock>::atLeast instead of 
FreeBlockDictionary<Metablock>::exactly and split the Metablock if it's 
large enough.

One might argue that this increases the fragmentation of the memory on 
the block free list but I think that we primarily want to use the block 
free list for small allocations and allocate from chunks for large 

Only fix:

Incremental webrev for splitting blocks:

Bug links:


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