Request for review: 8015903: Format issue with -XX:+PrintAdaptiveSizePolicy on JDK8

Erik Helin erik.helin at
Fri Jun 7 15:23:39 UTC 2013

Hi Vladimir,

I am gatekeeper this month for the hotspot-gc repository. As you might
know, JFR might be merged on Monday to the hotspot-rt repository. Due to
this, we have locked the hotspot-gc repository, meaning that no one are
allowed to push to the hotspot-gc repository.

I will send out more details about once I get some feedback from the

Please reply to this email so that I know that you have seen this.

Thanks, and thanks for fixing the bug!


PS. I did not look at the change, this is not a review :)

On 2013-06-07, Vladimir Kempik wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could I have a couple of reviews for this change?
> With next option -XX:+PrintAdapriveSizePolicy, java log looks like this:
> AdaptiveSizePolicy::update_averages: survived: 479272 promoted:
> 251648 overflow: falseAdaptiveSizeStart: 4,136 collection: 16
>   avg_survived_padded_avg: 2223544,750000 avg_promoted_padded_avg:
> 1300947,750000 avg_pretenured_padded_avg: 286597,000000
> tenuring_thresh: 1 target_size: 1835008
> and there is no space between overflow: false and AdaptiveSizeStart:
> The patch adds line break after overflow: false.
> Thanks,
> Vladimir

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