CMS parallel initial mark

Hiroshi Yamauchi yamauchi at
Fri Jun 7 18:39:20 UTC 2013

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your comments. I'll be catching up with them.

>>>>     - in cmsOopClosures.hpp, MarkRefsIntoClosure and the new
>>>> Par_MarkRefsIntoClosure could be refactored slightly as they have
>>>> exactly the same member variables. Not sure how this situation is
>>>> handled in other code though, and what others (Jon) think.
>>> Thomas,
>>> If you don't mind I'd like to keep this changeset to a minimum so
>>> not do any additional refactoring.  That's a good suggestion but
>>> since this is the first sizable contribution I'm sponsoring, simpler
>>> is better for me.
>> Okay. It would be a tiny additional change though, which has only been
>> enabled by the addition of the Par_MarkRefsIntoClosure, and of course
>> depends on whether the old serial initial marking code is kept.
> Thanks.
Regarding whether to refactor MarkRefsIntoClosure and
Par_MarkRefsIntoClosure, it's a valid point. I assume you are referring to
factoring out the common parts into a common super class.

I don't have a strong opinion. Looking at the exchanges, I'm interpreting
it as "let's not do it right now." Let me know if it's not the case.
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