RFR(S): Backport of changes for 8015237 to hs24

John Cuthbertson john.cuthbertson at oracle.com
Tue Jun 11 20:13:38 UTC 2013

Hi Tao,

I believe the policy is it is up to the individual developer. In my case 
I sometimes use an updated copyright year to indicate (to me) that I'm 
happy with that file. What happened here is that one of the files in 
hs25 already had an updated copyright year and hence was not included in 
the generated patch.

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency in this webrev. I'll fix it 
before pushing.


On 6/11/2013 1:04 PM, Tao Mao wrote:
> Just a thing to point out: the common practice for dev's updating 
> copyright date is not to update, or, at least, keep it consistent 
> across files.
> Thanks.
> Tao
> On 6/11/13 12:30 PM, John Cuthbertson wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> The hs25 changes for 8015237 did not apply cleanly to hs24 (no 
>> surprise there) so can I have a couple of volunteers look over these 
>> backported changes?
>> The backported changes including Chris' comments about changing the 
>> name of StringTable::_par_claimed_index can be found at: 
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~johnc/8015237-hsx24-backport/webrev.0/
>> The original hsx25 webrev (minus Chris' comments) can be found at: 
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~johnc/8015237/webrev.1/
>> Testing: GC testsuite with G1 and CMS with ParallelGCThreads=4; jprt.
>> Thanks,
>> JohnC

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