Defined Free Memory and GC Using JSR 308

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Java can eliminate much of its reliance on GC using annotations for GC.

Many local objects can be collected without GC using C++ style delete by
the compiler (transparent to user) if it does not escape current context.
If the containing / aggregated objects live longer then these need GC. Also
if the object out lives the current context. To ensure the GC timing and
loads are know I have beeing thingking it will be a good idea
to introduce annotations.

Possible annotation:
GCAtBlockExit - for loops the GC happens when the
GCOnGCOfContainingObject - GC on GC of aggregate / composing object
GCOnStatementCompletion - GC parameters and return value (if not assigned)
of a call when the function returns. Need to support statement level
GCOnLastResort - Only GC at last resort before outofmemory exception -
class level
ExcludeFinalising - prevent finalizers running on the object - class level
GCUsingNewThread(Priority = n)
GCUsing(GCSystem) - all objects created in the specified scope will be GCed
using specified GC - annotations need to support static references
GCSuspend - a synchronous object can be used so that the GC threads do not
run while the code block is executing

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