Nightly failure

Jesper Wilhelmsson jesper.wilhelmsson at
Thu May 9 10:41:00 UTC 2013


There is a failure in the nightlies due to change 4612 where the argument 
parsing was changed somewhat.

The test starts a JVM with invalid heap size flags and looks for a specific 
error message. However, since there are more than one invalid flag on the 
command line (-Xms0m -Xmx0m) we now check the flags in a different order than 
before and a different error message is printed causing the test to fail.

I find this test extremely unstable even though it is in our "stable" GC 
baseline. If we want to check for invalid arguments, there should only be one 
invalid argument on the command line.

I'm waiting for a response from SQE on this and in the mean time I will not push 
hotspot-gc to main. I don't feel comfortable enough around mercurial to attempt 
to exclude this changeset from the push. Especially since there is nothing wrong 
in the change.

I have a job in the jprt queue now to pull main to gc.

Let me know if there is something in hotspot-gc that needs to be pushed to main 
this week.

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