Request for review: 8010506 Typos and errors in gc-related flags in globals.hpp

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at
Tue May 14 21:46:38 UTC 2013

On 4/30/13 4:58 PM, Tao Mao wrote:
> new webrev
> It needs reviews.


Changes you made look good.   I did not see a list of the
suggested changes in the CR

so don't have any comment about what you decided not
to change.

> Changeset:
> Thank you for the thorough report of all these typos/errros, Thomas.
> I changed most places according to your suggestions (for the rest few, 
> I did not change because it may slightly change the meaning of the 
> definition). Also, I went through the file to change some similar 
> common errors that occurred.
> Several issues:
> (1) parallel gc should be lower case or upper case?
> As I know and, perhaps, someone told me, the term "parallel gc" 
> sometimes refers to a more generic terminology rather than ParallelGC 
> or ParallelOldGC, if it doesn't imply these two. Basically, any GC 
> algorithms that can be parallelized could fall into this category. 
> Right now, we probably refer "parallel gc" to ParallelGC or 
> ParallelOldGC. But, we reserve the right to change it to something 
> else. That's why "fuzziness" exists here. I guess the same way to deal 
> with "concurrent gc". So, I didn't make these words upper cased.
> (2) Identification:
> The general rule is to follow the example (product()'s 
> identification). The whole file checked and space adjusted accordingly.
> (3) Line breaks
> A space should be provided at the line breaks if multiple lines is 
> needed. Some lines that are slightly longer than normal length is kept 
> untouched as long as they read well.
> *(4) Why does the VM option hashCode have lower case initial?
> The direct answer is "I don't know". (But it is understandable that 
> hashCode is "legacy" such that it has it own style) Anyone knows the 
> answer?

I don't know for sure either but might be because of the Java code

public int*hashCode*()


> Thanks.
> Tao
> On 3/21/13 3:09 PM, Tao Mao wrote:
>> 8010506 Typos and errors in gc-related flags in globals.hpp
>> webrev:
>> Changeset:
>> NewRatio should defined as
>> product(uintx, NewRatio, 
>> 2,                                               \
>>     "Ratio of old/new generation sizes")                              \
>> instead of
>> product(uintx, NewRatio, 
>> 2,                                               \
>>     "Ratio of new/old generation sizes")                              \
>> PLUS other typos found by Jesper.

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