RFR (S): 8014971: Minor code cleanup of the freelist management

Bengt Rutisson bengt.rutisson at oracle.com
Tue May 21 13:35:44 UTC 2013

Hi all,

While fixing 'JDK-7066063: CMS: "Conservation Principle" assert failed' 
I made some code cleanups in the code I was browsing. I didn't want to 
mix these changes in with the bug fix, so I'm submitting this review for 
those changes. Could I have a couple of reviews of this small cleanup?


Here is what I did:

- Removed the unused constructors for FreeList and AdaptiveFreeList
- Removed unnecessary NULL check after call to global operator new. The 
new operator already checks the allocation and exits the VM if it fails.
- Removed unused old_end variable in 
- Fixed a possible bug in 

The last fix may require some explanation. In the constructor for 
CompactibleFreeListSpace() we set up the _indexedFreeListParLocks array. 
But we only set it up if ParallelGCThreads > 0, so if we are single 
threaded the locks are unintialized (not even NULL, just random values). 
In CompactibleFreeListSpace::addChunkToFreeListsAtEndRecordingStats() we 
use these locks but we don't check for ParallelGCThreads > 0. We only 
check the chunk size to see if there is a chance that the chunk may end 
up in the smaller buckets. This will fail if ParallelGCThreads = 0.

This bug is benign since 
CompactibleFreeListSpace::addChunkToFreeListsAtEndRecordingStats() is 
only used when we grow or shrink the generation. This is always done 
with os::vm_allocation_granularity() which is larger than 
SmallForDictionary so we will never enter the dangerous code path. 
However, if someone in the future either increases the value of 
SmallForDictionary or uses a smaller alignment for the generation sizing 
we might hit this problem. So, I figured it is worth leaving the code 
but making sure that it works properly.


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