Hotspot: GC "logs" from hell

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at
Thu May 23 18:56:03 UTC 2013


So you know you're talking to the people wielding the picks
and shovels, right?  What you're asking for (and you're not
alone) is no small deal.   This has been on our to-do list for
quite a while, but  it seems like every time we try to push it up,
something new gets dropped on top and pushes it back

If in the end all we can do is provide guidance, is there
any sentiment in the community to try and get this done
separate from Oracle?


On 5/15/13 12:53 PM, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> Please please please add a event based (ring buffer, single threaded writer) sane, documented and version controlled log format which also contains relevant information (without obscure diagnostic switches which sprinkle in unparseable text lines).
> J9 is much ahead in that respect (and the fact that all those jrockit features are hidden and locked away does not make anything bettet)
> Nearly ever 5th update breaks the log format and "parsers" are more heuristics than anything else.
> Bernd (sorry for ranting)

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