PING: JDK-7090324: gclog rotation via external tool

Yasumasa Suenaga yasu at
Fri Nov 8 12:47:18 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Did someone read my mail?

I think that this RFE helps us to watch Java heap on production system.
Also I think this RFE is able to be part of the JEP 158 (Unified JVM Logging) .

I want to update this RFE in JDK Bug System, but I don't have account.
So I've posted email at first.



On 2013/09/30 21:10, Yasumasa Suenaga wrote:
> In previous email, I've attached new patch for this RFE.
> It works fine with current hsx.
> Yasumasa
> On 2013/09/29 23:40, Yasu wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We are using "logrotate" tool on RHEL for various log rotation.
>> Current HotSpot has gclog rotation function for log size base,
>> however I need to rotate gc log synchronizing with logrotate tool.
>> So I've created RFE as "JDK-7090324: gclog rotation via external tool" .
>> And Sr. Engineering Manager in Oracle said he use the essence of my patch in one
>> of the jcmd subcommands.
>> 2 years ago, I posted a patch for this RFE.
>> But this patch is too old to apply for current HotSpot.
>> In last month, a similar discussion was appeared in ML.
>> So I think it's time to discuss this RFE.
>> Please cooperate.
>> Best regards,
>> Yasumasa

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