Better default for ParallelGCThreads and ConcGCThreads by using number of physical cores and CPU mask.

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at
Fri Nov 22 17:48:31 UTC 2013

On 11/22/2013 4:33 AM, Bengt Rutisson wrote:
>>     Do we need the flag AdjustGCThreadsToCores? It seems like this is
>>     a good change and it is always nice to reduce the number of flags
>>     we have. If you feel unsure about the change it may be good to be
>>     able to disable it, but in general I think it would be better to
>>     decide that this is the default behavior and go with it.
>> I have no strong opinion. If you guys can confirm the improvements 
>> and feel like you don't need the flag, that would be ideal.
> Yes, this is an interesting dilemma. Personally I don't think I have 
> the cycles right now to do any performance testing of this fix. But I 
> assume that you don't have access to enough machines and benchmarks to 
> test this properly on all supported platforms. I'll bring this up 
> internally to see if there is any process for handling this type of 
> situation...
> Since your change is for Linux only and you have done the measurements 
> there, I'm fine with your results. I would prefer skipping the 
> AdjustGCThreadsToCores flag based on the data you provided. Especially 
> since we can still set ParallelGCThreads explicitly on the command 
> line if we need to work around a regression somewhere.

I fully expect to need the AdjustGCThreadsToCores flag on Sparc so I 
would prefer
it be left in.  Make it an experimental flag to make it easier to remove 

1405experimental(bool, AdjustGCThreadsToCores, true,                               \
1406           "Create GC worker threads with respect to the number of physical "\
1407           "cores available from the CPU mask. Ignores hardware threads")    \

We do have the ParallelGCThreads flag to workaround regressions but 
users don't
know what value is currently set by the ergonomics so won't know what value
to use for ParallelGCThreads to workaround a regression.

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