Review Request (7u): JDK-8048271: Minor GC times doubled from JDK 6u35 to JDK 7u51

Kevin Walls kevin.walls at
Thu Jul 17 08:33:22 UTC 2014

Hi Poonam -

Looks good to me,


On 14/07/14 01:47, Poonam Bajaj wrote:
> Bug: JDK-8048271 <>: 
> Minor GC times doubled from JDK 6u35 to JDK 7u51
> Webrev:
> With JDK7, the minor GC collection times have increased as compared to 
> the collection times with JDK6uxx. These pauses have increased due to 
> the fact that the Intern strings and the class statics were moved from 
> PermGen to the Java Heap in JDK7 and, are collected as part of the 
> minor GC collections thus contributing to the increase in GC times.
> These changes make the debug flag 'JavaObjectsInPerm' a diagnostic 
> flag so that it can be used to revert the PermGen changes in jdk7 and 
> get the earlier minor GC pause times.
> Testing:
> Manual testing comparing the PSYoungGen times with and without 
> JavaObjectsInPerm option
> Thanks,
> Poonam

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