one more question

Kirk Pepperdine kirk at
Fri May 9 09:15:42 UTC 2014

Hi again,

With regards to the last log file I forgot to ask the obvious question,

12.590: [GC concurrent-root-region-scan-start]
12.590: [Full GC (System.gc())12.591: [GC concurrent-root-region-scan-end, 0.0012580 secs]
12.591: [GC concurrent-mark-start]
 5221K->4963K(16M), 0.0284460 secs]
   [Eden: 1024.0K(5120.0K)->0.0B(6144.0K) Survivors: 1024.0K->0.0B Heap: 5221.0K(16.0M)->4963.9K(16.0M)]
 [Times: user=0.04 sys=0.00, real=0.03 secs] 
12.619: [GC concurrent-mark-abort]

The concurrent root region scan started @ 12.590 and I imagine the call to System.gc() came in shortly after that. So closing down the root region scan is expected. However, if these time stamps are to be believed (and I’m guessing there are some funky timing issues in here), the concurrent mark start is unexpected. Shouldn’t the Full GC cycle have prevented the concurrent mark from starting? Or does it need the abort to cleanup or reset for the next concurrent cycle?


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