RFR(XS): JDK-8144837: Improve the printout of heap regions in hs_err dump files.

David Lindholm david.lindholm at oracle.com
Wed Dec 9 09:12:34 UTC 2015


Please review the following patch that changes the format for the heap 
region printouts in hs_err files and when running with 

The old format looked like this:

AC   0  F    TS     5 PTAMS 0x00000005cbc00000 NTAMS 0x00000005cbc00000 
space 2048K,   0% used [0x00000005cbc00000, 0x00000005cbe00000)
AC   0  S CS TS     7 PTAMS 0x00000005cbe00000 NTAMS 0x00000005cbe00000 
space 2048K, 100% used [0x00000005cbe00000, 0x00000005cc000000)
AC   0  F    TS     5 PTAMS 0x00000005cc000000 NTAMS 0x00000005cc000000 
space 2048K,   0% used [0x00000005cc000000, 0x00000005cc200000)

The new format looks like this:

[  21][0x00000005cd000000, 0x00000005cd000000, 0x00000005cd200000][  
0%][ F][  ][TS  7][AC  0][TAMS 0x00000005cd000000, 0x00000005cd000000]
[  22][0x00000005cd200000, 0x00000005cd400000, 
0x00000005cd400000][100%][ S][CS][TS  9][AC  0][TAMS 0x00000005cd200000, 
[  23][0x00000005cd400000, 0x00000005cd600000, 
0x00000005cd600000][100%][ S][CS][TS  9][AC  0][TAMS 0x00000005cd400000, 

The first number is the index, and for each heap region we print bottom, 
top and end.

Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8144837
Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~david/JDK-8144837/webrev.00/


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