Any plans to increase G1 max region size to 64m?

Thomas Viessmann thomas.viessmann at
Wed Feb 11 12:53:06 UTC 2015

Thanks Thomas,

do you want me to attach the complete gc logfile to the bug?

Thanks and Regards


On 02/11/15 13:43, Thomas Schatzl wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 2015-02-09 at 12:41 +0100, Thomas Viessmann wrote:
>> many thanks for your detailed explanation. Here are some more details
>> about the background. It seems that a humongous allocation triggers a
>> (long) evacuation pause although the eden is still (almost) empty.
>> Such long pauses could only be observed during a humongous allocation.
> In the case shown by the gc log snippet, the explanation is that G1
> tries to start the concurrent cycle as soon as the occupancy in the old
> gen reaches the threshold. It checks the threshold every time a
> humongous allocation is done.
> I.e. this works as implemented.
> The cause for the long pauses seems to be a huge amount of reference
> changes before allocating the humongous object (the large amount of
> _pending_cards and the long update rs pause).
> I do not know why particularly before humongous object allocation this
> amount of pending cards is so high. There are two possibilities:
> - it seems to be the application doing a large amount of reference
> changes just before allocating that new large object; in the normal case
> (ie. when reaching a young gc when it is full) this number may have
> always been reduced by concurrent background activity to some manageable
> amount.
> - if that initial mark young gc happens right after a (final) mixed gc,
> this would explain the high amount of pending cards too.
> The single GC log entry does not give enough information to rule out
> either of these options.
> I created JDK-8072920 to record this problem.
>> Here is an example from the gc.log
>>   173913.719: [G1Ergonomics (Concurrent Cycles) request concurrent
>> cycle initiation, reason: occupancy higher than threshold, occupancy:
>> 11710496768 bytes, allocation request: 33554448 bytes, threshold:
> Side note: This large object is exactly 32M + 16 bytes (i.e. object
> header) large. This means that this object actually requires 64M on the
> heap. Maybe the application could be improved for that.
> As for fixes/workaround for this problem assuming that I am correct
> about the situation:
> I do not think increasing the region size to 64M helps because the same
> situation can occur for 64M humongous objects too. I am of course not
> sure if the application ever tries to allocate 64M objects. Also, even
> with a 64M region size, your 32M+16 byte object is still considered
> humongous (i.e. the application would require 128M regions).
> In case these pending cards originate from a preceding mixed young gc,
> then a solution would be to increase the IHOP. I.e. give the background
> processing more time between the last mixed gc and that forced initial
> mark to process them to a useful level. I do not know if increasing IHOP
> is acceptable in this situation.
> If the application causes so many pending cards just before humongous
> object allocation, I do not see a good way to prevent this occurrence
> right now. Maybe somebody else has some idea.
>  From the log snippet I also saw that the application is running with a
> JDK7 build. 8u40's early reclaim may allow the application to have more
> free space in general, doing less marking cycles (but the problem may
> still occur in the current configuration).
> Thanks,
>    Thomas

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