[RFR] 8061715: gc/g1/TestShrinkAuxiliaryData15.java fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: heap decommit failed - after > before

Andrey Zakharov andrey.x.zakharov at oracle.com
Thu Feb 26 17:55:57 UTC 2015

Updated test with
  - updated 2 spaces for c++ code and code style
  - updated copyrights
  - renamed variable hotCardTableSize
  - added output for current page size


testing: yes (sthjprt 2015-02-26-172927.gtee.auxdata - I will restart 
solaris on complete)


>>> - in TestShrinkAuxiliaryData.java, line 107 seems to be debugging code.
>>> Afaik jtreg already automatically puts all output into the log files.
This is why this code here: OutputAnalyzer with ProcessBuilder doesn't 
implicitly output anything.

>>> - line 174, I do not understand the comment. What does "if auxdata size
>>> will be more than page size it would not decommit auxiliary data 
>>> size is
>>> about ~3.6% of heap size" seem to be at least two sentences.
>>> - what do the two reasons given in the comment of
>>> checkEnvApplicability() actually mean? I.e. why do you not run the test
>>> if large pages are enabled?
I dont want to run this test on box where page size is larger than 
auxiliary data size for region, where decommitment wouldn't occurs for sure.

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