3rd rev: RFR: 8066821(S) Enhance command line processing to manage deprecating and obsoleting -XX command line arguments

Derek White derek.white at oracle.com
Mon Jan 19 18:56:56 UTC 2015

Gerard found a few portability bugs. 3rd request's the charm.


Reran jprt and jtreg.

  - Derek

On 1/12/15 5:10 PM, Derek White wrote:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~drwhite/8066821/webrev.00/
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8066821
> This webrev adds support for handling "/deprecated/" -XX options 
> (options that still *do* something but are planned for removal) and 
> "/alias/" options (alternate names for other -XX options) by simply 
> adding entries to the deprecated_jvm_flags and/or aliased_jvm_flags 
> tables. This follows the
> example of the existing obsolete_jvm_flags table.
> This replaces a lot of ad-hoc and occasionally wrong code in 
> arguments.cpp (including Arguments::check_deprecated_gc_flags) as well 
> as supporting automatically disabling options after a certain version.
> Removed Code:
>  - Removed global DefaultMaxRAMFraction, which was an "improper" alias 
> for "MaxRAMFraction" (two variables that were roughly kept in sync vs. 
> two names for the same variable).
>  - Arguments::check_deprecated_gc_flags().
>  - Alias handling code in Arguments::parse_each_vm_init_arg().
> It also avoids future ad-hoc and occasionally wrong code as new 
> options get aliased and deprecated.
> Tests:
> Deprecated and alias options can be tested by adding entries to tables 
> in new tests:
>   VMAliasOptions.java
>   VMDeprecatedOptions.java
> The new tests subsume these existing tests:
>   test/gc/startup_warnings/TestDefaultMaxRAMFraction.java
>   test/gc/startup_warnings/TestNoParNew.java
> Tests run:
>     jprt
>     jtreg
> Thanks,
>  - Derek

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