RFR: 8026047: [TESTBUG] add regression test for DisableExplicitGC flag

Michail Chernov michail.chernov at oracle.com
Wed Jan 28 16:03:58 UTC 2015


Test will be refactored according to your recommendations.

I looked at hotspot sources and found that we have a lot of tests with 
multiple @run in them - 7, 8, even 9 times.
Also I executed test on several embedded boards (linux-armvfp, 
linux-armhf and linux-armsflt) and got next results: minimal execution 
time is 12 seconds, maximal is 53. Not so much at my point of view.


On 28.01.2015 18:28, Leonid Mesnik wrote:
> Hi
> Why is it needed to start VM twice for each test. It is very expensive 
> especially for low-end devices.
> Is it possible to have driver which starts VM several times with 
> different combinations of options and check it output/exit code etc? 
> Also it would be much easier to read such test.
> Leonid
> On 27.01.2015 18:35, Michail Chernov wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Please review the fix with new test for DisableExplicitGC VM flag.
>> Webrev: 
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~eistepan/~mchernov/8026047/webrev.00/
>> Enhancement: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8026047
>> There is one scenario with 6 parameters combinations.
>> 1,2,3 scenarios test default value for DisableExplicitGC, 
>> DisableExplicitGC=true and DisableExplicitGC=false
>> 4,5,6 scenarios check how VM works when VM changes DisableExplicitGC 
>> flag using WhiteBox.
>> Test tries to call System.gc() and check that VM puts message to 
>> stdout. After (in case of 4,5,6 scenarios) test tries to change 
>> DisableExplicitGC value and calls System.gc() twice.
>> Test was executed locally on linux-i586 with all available GC and 
>> several GC-related flags. Also it was executed using Aurora on other 
>> platforms.
>> Thanks,
>> Michail

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