Request for code review - JDK-8147906 : G1 use of os::processor_count()

Alexander Harlap alexander.harlap at
Wed Jan 27 20:11:41 UTC 2016

Use os::active_processor_count() in G1 code instead of os::processor_count()

Here is David Holmes comment to the JDK-8147095:

/os::processor_count() is set to the number of logical processors 
configured on a system (exact definition varies by platform). With the 
use of CPU sets, resource pools, and other affinity based mechanisms 
this can be a much larger value than the number of CPUs available for 
the VM to use. /
/The number of CPUs currently available for the VM to use should be 
reported through os::active_processor_count().

/Proposed change:

Testing: JPRT
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