RFR(xs): 8161552: Test issue: VM init failed: GC triggered before VM initialization completed. Try increasing NewSize, current value 768K.

Dmitry Fazunenko dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com
Wed Jul 20 17:01:43 UTC 2016


I'm looking for a couple of reviewers for a simple fix of two tests.
The tests check some basic assertions when VM is started with max heap 
size set to some small values.
The tests work almost everywhere, but there are cases when  with -Xmx2M 
GC triggered before VM initialization completed.
2M is valid but extremely small max heap size. Cases of usages such 
small heap are rather theoretical than practical.

To fix the problem I made the tests weaker, the cases setting max heap 
to 2M are removed.


Testing: locally + RBT


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