RFR: 8161604: TestNewSizeFlags fails with RuntimeException: max new size != MaxNewSize value

Michail Chernov michail.chernov at oracle.com
Thu Jul 28 13:24:03 UTC 2016

Hi Sangheon,

>> Thanks you for reviewing this. I'm no sure that explanations are 
>> needed in whitebox.cpp. I added the throwing of RuntimeException if 
>> we try to invoke Parallel GC specific methods when use not Parallel 
>> GC. Exception is more clear than 0 that was returned from methods. 
> I meant adding the explanation near "private static final long 
> PS_VIRTUAL_SPACE_ALIGNMENT = WB.psVirtualSpaceAlignment();" in 
> TestNewSizeFlags.java. Because someone would be strange as we are 
> calling it without checking GC type. But you explained that there's no 
> harm with that code.
> And I agree that adding something in whitebox.cpp is not necessary. 
> Even the new exception. :)
I'd like to keep the new exceptions in code. We have several White Box 
methods which can throw exceptions in similar cases (e.g. 
WB_G1GetMixedGCInfo). It looks more clear than meaningless 0.


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