RFR (S): 8142749: HeapRegion cleanup

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at oracle.com
Tue Jun 14 12:16:33 UTC 2016


  sorry for the somewhat later answer...

On Thu, 2016-06-09 at 11:26 +0300, Всеволод Толстопятов wrote:
> Thanks for review and sponsoring!
> > Note that at the moment are past the JDK9 FC date, and we should
> > not integrate enhancements right now. There is no process at the
> > moment if and how these can be integrated. So it may take a while
> > to push the change.
> Should I wait until JDK10 forest and ping someone? 

I would appreciate if you pinged me again as soon as there is a jdk10

> Should I update webrev with includes cleanup now or wait until new
> forest? 

I think the include cleanups could be added.

> Does it make sense to keep making reviews for simple bugs (e.g. like
> JDK-8151045) or it's better to wait until new forest (note that I'm
> not openjdk author yet, so these questions could have obvious
> answers)? 

I do not know how posting reviews for simple bugs would be different
before or after.

The only difference is one of convenience: if you have two commits
contributed by you, you can apply for authorship, which makes posting
contributions easier.


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