Re: RFR(S): 8132715: Add tests which check that no allocations allowed in any of humongous regions​

Dmitry Fazunenko dmitry.fazunenko at
Wed Jun 22 12:33:47 UTC 2016

Hi Kirill,

Overall the test looks good.
Some minor comments/suggestions

@requires vm.gc == null | vm.gc == G1
@requires vm.gc.G1


3) Would you document parameters args[0] and args[1]
You have

         long duration = Integer.parseInt(args[0]) * 1000L;

Right after args.length check, it's good.
If you introduce the second parameters in the same way - it would be enough.
Adding a short comment would also increase readability.

4) Will it make sense to vary G1 region size as well?

5) Would you consider renaming


To include "thread" in the variable name.


On 21.06.2016 20:45, Kirill Zhaldybin wrote:
> Dear all,
> Could please review this test for 8132715?
> The test fills heap with humongous objects with a lot of wasted space, 
> then starts to allocate non-humongous objects and checks that no 
> allocations happened in humongous regions.
> There are 3 runs of the test: with filled 10%, 50% and 80% of heap.
> CR:
> WebRev: 
> Thank you.
> Regards, Kirill

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