linux os processor optimizations for OpenJDK GC performance enhancement

Ram Krishnan ramkri123 at
Thu Apr 13 01:27:45 UTC 2017

We are working on linux os processor specific optimizations centered around
cache partitioning and better processor core thread(s) affinity for OpenJDK
GC performance enhancement with the following benefits
- throughput increase
- minimizing tail latency for latency sensitive applications
- superior isolation in a multi-tenant environment

​We have been looking at the G1GC code/documentation and performed some
initial experiments. Based on this, what we understand is that STW events
pause all application threads independent of which regions are being
impacted by garbage collection. For example, if application thread "x" uses
regions 1, 4, 5 and  garbage collection is working on regions 2 and 11,
application thread "x" is paused during the STW event.

Your expert opinion on this topic is much appreciated.

​Thanks in advance,
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