RFR: JDK-8179259: Clean up BarrierSet

Roman Kennke rkennke at redhat.com
Tue Apr 25 10:55:37 UTC 2017

The BarrierSet class has lots of has_* and needs_* methods, none of
which is used anywhere, except (some) in asserts (which is bogus too),
and in one instance in a stub generator (which will be refactored to use
the same paradigm as elsewhere). Those methods clutter the BarrierSet
interface and need to be implemented in subclasses for no good reason.


Tests: hotspot_gc, specjvm

I also filed a small number of minor GC-interface related
enhancement/refactoring bugs, all relatively isolated, all listed in the
GC interface JEP. Will propose them soon, unless somebody stops me ;-)

Oh, and maybe move the GC interface JEP to 'candidate' so that it gets a
valid number?



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