Adaptive size policy and MemoryPoolMXBean

Sundara Mohan M email.sundarms at
Thu Jul 6 23:03:17 UTC 2017

   I am trying to understand how will be values returned by
memorypoolmxbean change when adaptive size is used

For ex,

CMS GC memory pool mx bean returned values
*Name: Par Eden Space, usage: init = 71630848(69952K) used = 2865272(2798K)
committed = 71630848(69952K) max = 286326784(279616K)*
*Name: Par Survivor Space, usage: init = 8912896(8704K) used = 0(0K)
committed = 8912896(8704K) max = 35782656(34944K)*
*Name: CMS Old Gen, usage: init = 178978816(174784K) used = 0(0K) committed
= 178978816(174784K) max = 715849728(699072K)*

*G1GC *memory pool mx bean returned values
*Name: G1 Eden Space, usage: init = 27262976(26624K) used = 0(0K) committed
= 27262976(26624K) max = -1(-1K)*
*Name: G1 Survivor Space, usage: init = 0(0K) used = 0(0K) committed =
0(0K) max = -1(-1K)*
*Name: G1 Old Gen, usage: init = 241172480(235520K) used = 0(0K) committed
= 241172480(235520K) max = 1073741824(1048576K)*

This is the value returned after starting jvm, will this(specifically
committed or max) value updated after adaptive size is applied?

Motivation: I am trying to understand how i can use this info (got to know
about this from
detect low memory and drop some objects in my map.

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