G1MonitoringSupport unused generation counter

Sundara Mohan M email.sundarms at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 20:24:50 UTC 2017


Was trying to understand why old generation mx bean was notified in case of
G1GC and saw following code

  //  young collection set counters.  The _eden_counters,
  // _from_counters, and _to_counters are associated with
  // this "generational" counter.
  GenerationCounters*  _young_collection_counters;
  //  old collection set counters. The _old_space_counters
  // below are associated with this "generational" counter.
  GenerationCounters*  _old_collection_counters;

I don't see these counters updated anywhere. What is the use of these
counters in G1GC.

only following is updated in g1CollectedHeap.cpp
  //  incremental collections both young and mixed
  CollectorCounters*   _incremental_collection_counters;
  //  full stop-the-world collections
  CollectorCounters*   _full_collection_counters;

Is there any mail thread/doc which explains more about this.

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