Parallel reference processingq

Kirk Pepperdine kirk at
Fri Jun 9 15:17:30 UTC 2017

> I was trying to say that MTness of reference processing is mostly affected by the total of references. But saying the benchmark name made a noise.
> JDK-8043575 is mostly about dynamically choosing MTness for reference processing. Focusing on the switch(turn on/off the option), any applications that showing several aspects(many references, limited references etc..) seem okay to me. In my case, as SpecJVM2008-Derby has many final references(over 12k), my prototype should show almost same result as "baseline, +ParallelRefProcEnabled". And for other sub-tests of SpecJVM2008, my prototype should show almost same as "baseline, -ParallelRefProcEnabled" because with limited references, single thread shows better results.

Right, this is an issue in that I often a range of 100-250K references processed.

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