[PATCH] JDK-8176571: Fine bitmaps should be allocated as belonging to mtGC

Milan Mimica Milan.Mimica at infobip.com
Sat Jun 10 15:07:29 UTC 2017

Milan Mimica, Senior Software Engineer / Division Lead
> From: Kim Barrett <kim.barrett at oracle.com>
> Sent: Friday, June 9, 2017 03:04
> Note that the refactoring patch doesn't apply cleanly to jdk10/hs tip.
> There's a merge conflict with the fix for JDK-8168467 (resolved
> 2017/03/15).

Oh, I 've developed it against jdk10/jdk10. Care to explain a bit the
difference? Attached are patches against jdk10/hs.

> What testing has been done?  And are there any tests you can point to
> that are directly affected?  (I already know about
> TestArrayAllocatorMallocLimit.java.)  I'll probably want to run some
> tests using our internal test facilities as part of sponsoring.

I have run jtreg on my laptop. There are some failures actually,
but happens also on clean repo. I'm not aware of anything else.

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