RFR: 8235324: Dying objects are published from users of CollectedHeap::object_iterate

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at oracle.com
Wed Dec 4 08:50:37 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Please review this fix to make sure objects published from closures to 
CollectedHeap::object_iterate are kept alive.


Caution needs to be taken when CollectedHeap::object_iterate is used. It 
- Return non-reachable objects - for example, when G1 walks the prev bitmap
- Return the Reference.referent without an appropriate resurrection barrier
- Return an object loaded without a "strong"/"marking" barrier

These objects should not escape the confines of the active safepoint 
that calls object_iterate. If they do we run the risk of various crashes 
when the objects get garbage collected.

Unfortunately, there are a few closures that do this. The once we have 
identified are:
- HeapInspection::find_instances_at_safepoint
- JVMTI object tagging

There might be some merit to solving this by altering the object_iterate 
API, but for now we'd like to fix the two problematic areas listed 
above. The suggestion is to introduce a CollectedHeap::keep_alive 
function that notifies the GC that the object should be kept alive the 
current GC cycle (if active).

This solution will also work with code that iterates over object fields 
without using object_iterate. For example, with this fix we'll be able 
to read the Reference.referent field in JDK-8234508, with 
AS_NO_KEEPALIVE, and only keep the object alive if it actually gets 
registered in the tag map. Without that, every single object reachable 
through Reference.referent would be kept alive.

The fix introduces a keep_alive() function for ZGC, G1, and Shenandoah. 
It would be good to get reviews from maintainers of all these GCs.


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