RFR (trivial): 8235819: -Wformat-overflow is reported from GCC 9

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at oracle.com
Mon Dec 16 10:47:03 UTC 2019


On 16.12.19 11:12, Yasumasa Suenaga wrote:
> Also we can use macro to resolve this issue:
>    http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk/submit/rev/219fdca61e3a
> I prefer to use dynamic allocation and format string because it is more 
> secure.
> This change makes not so large. It passed tests on submit repo 
> (mach5-one-ysuenaga-JDK-8235819-3-20191216-0731-7570580).

   I do not like this change. It introduces unnecessary allocations, and 
makes the use of indents cumbersome for what I understand is a compiler bug.

Please reconsider the suggestions we made in this thread instead.


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