RFR: ZGC ZNMethodTable changes 8219462, 8219463, 8219464, 8219466, 8219467, 8219468, 82194629

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at oracle.com
Thu Feb 21 08:50:24 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Please review these patches that mostly restructures the ZNMethodTable 
code. The intent is to make ZNMethodTable a slimmed down table 
implementation, while the ZGC specific class unloading code is pulled 
out to a new ZNMethod sub component.

A webrev of all patches can be found here:

8219462: ZGC: Use wait/notify in ZNMethodTable

The nmethod sweeper is not allowed to unregister an nmethod while the GC 
is iterating over the ZNMethodTable. The current code spins in a loop 
releasing the lock and sleeping for 1 ms. I propose that we replace this 
with wait and notify.

8219463: ZGC: Remove redundant ZNMethodTable::_iter_lock

The ZNMethodTable lock guards accesses with both the CodeCache_lock and 
it's own _iter_lock. This used to necessary because there was a path 
that didn't take the CodeCache_lock. A recent bug fix changed this and 
we always hold the CodeCache_lock when we take the _iter_lock. I propose 
that we remove the _iter_lock.

8219464: ZGC: Move nmethod oop properties from ZNMethodTableEntry to 

The ZNMethodTableEntry contains two cached values, regarding the 
properties of an nmethod. The first is whether the nmethod has 
"immediate oops" in the code. The second property is used to indicate if 
the nmethod has "non immediate oop", which probably is a bad name, but 
it tells if there are oop-derived immediates that need to be fixed when 
Objects have been moved.

I propose that we move these properties to the ZNMethodData objects that 
are attached to the nmethods via the gc specific gc_data. This allows 
for a cleaner separation of the proper table code in ZNMethodTable and 
the class ZGC class unloading code.

8219466: ZGC: Extract allocation functionality into a new 
ZNMethodAllocator class

ZNMethodData delegates the responsibility to safely free it's memory to 
ZNMethodTable. I propose we break this dependency by introducing a 
ZNMethodAllocator class that both classes can use. ZNMethodTable will 
notify ZNMethodAllocator when its unsafe to free data and when it's time 
to execute the deferred frees. ZNMethodData will then simply use 
ZNMethodAllocator to allocate and free, and ZNMethodAllocator will 
handle the deferred frees under the hood.

8219467: ZGC: Move ZNMethodData to its own file

A simple move of the code.

8219468: ZGC: Extract iteration functionality into a new 
ZNMethodTableIteration class

Extracts the iteration code into its own class.

This patch also changes the how tables are deleted when an iteration is 
in progress, to use the new ZNMethodAllocator class instead.

8219469: ZGC: Extract functions out from ZNMethodTable into new ZNMethod 

This patch moves the non-table specific ZGC nmethod handling code out to 
a new ZNMethod class.


Tested with:
tier1,tier2,tier3, gc-test-suite


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