RFR: 8219613: Use NonJavaThread PtrQueues

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Tue Feb 26 22:10:38 UTC 2019

> On Feb 26, 2019, at 10:58 AM, zgu at redhat.com wrote:
> Hi Kim,
> Probably not directly relates to this RFR, but I see a couple of issues
> with this BarrierSet::on_thread_xxx mechanism.
> 1) When creating worker thread, it is added to WorkGang's thread first,
> and on_thread_attach() is not called until worker thread starts to run.
> If I use on_thread_attach() to initialize something (e.g. gclab), I may
> hit this timing gap, because WorkGang::threads_do() may hit
> uninitialized data (e.g. gclab)
> 2) The alternative is to use on_thread_create(), but it is called from
> Thread's constructor, therefore, I can not tell what kind of thread it
> is.
> Pleas let me know if I miss something.

I think you might be correct that there is a problem, but I think the
problem is in Shenandoah code, and pre-exists this patch.

ShenandoahHeap::make_parsable and
ShenandoahHeap::retire_and_reset_gclabs seem to be looking at the
gclab data of non-Java threads, and going to some effort to do so.
But the per-thread gclab info only gets initialized for Java threads.
Neither of those are changed by this patch.

In pre-RFR discussion with Aleksey about the Shenandoah part of this
patch, he said non-Java threads don't use the gclab mechanism, so only
initializing the per-thread gclab data for Java threads was (and
remains) correct.  But make_parsable and retire_and_reset_gclabs are
looking at that data anyway.

WorkGang::threads_do is very little used, and could _almost_ go away.
It's there to support gc_threads_do and some related things, which are
(I think only) used for error printing and the like.  MemoryService
also uses gc_threads_do, to count the number of threads (a count that
doesn't seem to get updated as the GC lazily allocates additional
threads, which seems like a separate bug).

Something like WorkGang::threads_do might be needed for destroying
work gangs, but we don't ever do that at present.

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