RFR (M): 8231579: G1's incremental calculation of region elapsed time always uses the same age group for prediction

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at oracle.com
Tue Nov 19 09:25:38 UTC 2019

Hi all,

   can I have reviews for this change that fixes use of the wrong 
predictors when adding a new mutator region to the collection set as it 
is retired?

G1, through the young remset sampling thread, and the mutator threads 
when they retire, keep track of a prediction for the time it takes to 
evacuate the entire young gen.

The mutator thread, when it retires a region, updates that value by the 
current prediction of that retired region: that is where the error 
occurs: currently, it only ever uses the prediction for the region that 
has been retired just before GC.
Typically a lot of data in this region survives (e.g. 80%+), so the 
prediction for the overall young gen is heavily inflated.
Which means that during mixed gc, a smaller than necessary amount of 
time is seen as left for evacuating old gen regions, which in turn means 
that G1 typically does more, shorter than expected mixed gcs.

This wastes some throughput, as typically normal young collections can 
take a much larger eden.

This change fixes that by the mutator and the young remset sampling 
thread not updating the time it takes to copy the contents of eden 
regions - the predictions for that are fixed anyway after a GC as the 
predictors for how many objects are expected to be live in a region are 
not updated while the mutator is running. Only other components of the 
prediction are.

The time to copy the eden regions is later, when G1 finalizes the 
prediction for the time the young gen will take, added back.

hs-tier1-5; local tests showed significant decreases in time spent in 
mixed gcs; dev-submit testing: no significant score changes either with 
this change in particular or compared to all recent changes


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