RFC: 8234440: ZGC: Change relocation set log level from debug to info

Per Liden per.liden at oracle.com
Tue Nov 26 09:47:41 UTC 2019

Hi Kelvin,

On 11/26/19 5:36 AM, Nilsen, Kelvin wrote:
> Hello list members,
> I am new to the OpenJDK effort and am looking for an opportunity to 
> start with a relatively simple patch.  The item mentioned in this 
> subject header looks like something I might be able to manage.
> Is it ok if I work on this item?

I already have a patch for this particular item, but haven't sent it out 
for review yet (the change grew a bit). In general, when an item is 
assigned to someone in JIRA, it usually means that that person is 
working on it. It could also be good to know that GC enhancements (as 
opposed to bugs) always have fix version set to "tbd" until they are 
pushed, so "tbd" is not an indication that no one it working on it.

> Alternatively, feel free to suggest some other initial problem report 
> for me to begin with.

If you're looking for starter bugs/enhancements to fix, you can look for 
the "starter" label in JIRA. Those are usually a good place to start for 
people that are new to the code base.

For example: 


> I will coordinate with Paul Hohensee (hohensee at amazon.com 
> <mailto:hohensee at amazon.com>) and/or Bernd Mathiske (mathiske at amazon.com 
> <mailto:mathiske at amazon.com>) to commit the patch after appropriate reviews.
> My background: I have worked twenty years on a clean-room Java virtual 
> machine but this is the first time I am contributing to the OpenJDK 
> effort.  The last four years, I have been working on gcc support for 
> Power architecture.
> Thanks.

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