Tracking object relocations in Java 8

David Griffiths dgriffiths at
Mon Nov 16 18:38:30 UTC 2020

Hi, I have a need to track object relocations in Java 8 with whatever the
default GC is. I would like to do this by setting a gdb conditional
breakpoint somewhere in the JVM such that it will stop when the copy to
address is a certain value (*). Can anyone point me in the right direction
for such a breakpoint please? Not looking for a clean solution, just
anything that will work.

(*) reason for wanting to do something as nasty as this: we have a product
that does a recording of a Java process at the machine code level and then
plays it back such that it pretends to be a JDWP agent. I've got a
particular recording where I want to use an "instance filter" in IntelliJ's
breakpoints to only stop for a specific instance. This actually works fine
but when going backwards in time it can happen that an object gets
relocated by GC and this screws up the filter. I could fix that if I set a
breakpoint at whatever point the object is relocated and then just start
tracking the previous location (and maybe mapping if necessary to fool
IntelliJ). Can't modify the GC code though.



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